LOGLINE: A privileged white mom loses her mind during Covid-19.


Karen struggles to assert herself with her self-absorbed husband and teenaged children but tensions are exacerbated after the Coronavirus pandemic forces them into self- isolation thus driving her to take unexpected steps to confront her family once and for all. #AndThenKarenSnapped 


*Note to anyone who read script prior to June 12th.

First draft was written in 14 DAYS in early April. The current draft reflects accurately the month of May, the protests and the current revolution taking place. Earlier draft mentions May without this, as it hadn't happened yet..  

GENRE: Satire, Dark Comedy, Psychological Thriller , Drama, Horror Comedy


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*Music suggested in the current draft of #Karen for reference.

All song choices subject to change based on licensing fees

in order to accommodate budget requirements.

This is an excerpt from a 1st draft review of #KAREN

which was written in 14 days during the pandemic.

It received praise and a "consider" from this reviewer.

Currently the 3rd draft is available for review.