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twisted broad update

For those of you who followed my blog for years...

You are all my heroes. 

It was you who gave me the courage to speak my mind. And do whatever the fuck I want. 


People love to make fun of those who write blogs.

And they can kiss my ass.

That led to all this. 

Please check out the rest of my site.


I told you all I was gearing up to do something else, 

I just needed to find my voice first. 

With your help, I did.  

I thank each and every one of you for being there for a divorced single mom trying to make sense

of the next steps. 

I love you all more than you know. 

My book is still available on Amazon and ITunes.



With love, 



twisted broad


IFSO Films

I figure shit out.

Including how to build a website. 

Which I did entirely on my own.

With no clue how to do it. 

stand up update


Nicole Jones during Comedians Perform for Latino Night at the Ice House - February 7, 2006 at The Ice House in Pasadena, California, United States. (Photo by Michael Schwartz/WireImage)

For anyone who knew me when...


Stand up comedy was another way for me to find my voice as a writer.


That said, comics who eat sleep and breathe this as their main passion? I am so grateful they allowed me to play for the few years I did.


I imagine one day when I'm around 70 or 80, I will do it again. Most likely it will be a different thing all together so I can't wait to try whatever new thing it is.

I have been blessed with the inner stupidity to fear nothing. So I try everything. I hope just by reading this, I have gifted you with the same power. 


If I have, you will suddenly feel the urge to go try something you've always wanted to.


Please do it.




Go figure shit out.


Might I suggest researching a cure for cancer

or something along those lines? 

We need more of that. 

Thank you. 

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